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Usability Testing

During usability testing, the aim is to observe people using the product to discover errors and areas of improvement. Usability testing generally involves measuring how well test subjects respond in four areas: efficiency, accuracy, recall, and emotional response.
  • Efficiency - How long does it take people to complete basic tasks? (For example, find something to buy, create a new account, and order the item.)
  • Accuracy - How many mistakes did people make? (And were they fatal or recoverable with the right information?)
  • Recall - How much does the person remember afterwards or after periods of non-use?
  • Emotional response - How does the person feel about the tasks completed? Is the person confident, stressed? Would the user recommend this system to a friend?
Usability and GUI testing process
Your Benefits from User Interface Testing:

  • Increased product attractiveness. Changing some minor details without a complete redesign can go a long way to efficiency increase
  • Your application looks better and will assure your users of a professional and stable development background of your product
  • Easy layout, simple navigation and clear content drive multiple return visits. Users prefer to spend their time only once for the product/application choice and then they tend to use it again instead of exploring something new.
  • If the first look at your website or application convinces the customer of your professionalism and product accuracy, your other resources or applications will automatically be used with the same level of confidence.
We are pretty sure you want your website visitors and application users to have a feeling that they got to the right place in the right time. Nadosoft provides usability testing and GUI testing services to solve all potential issues in your applications navigation and design.


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