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Installation testing

Installation testingImplementation testing or installation testing is a kind of quality assurance work in the software industry that focuses on what customers will need to do to install and set up the new software successfully. The testing process may involve full, partial or upgrades install/uninstall processes.

Installation tests will check the installation and configuration procedure as well as any missing dependencies. Nadosoft objective is to provide qualified tests to confirm stability and quality of your installation wizard or scripts and provide valuable information on how to make your installation more user-friendly, more secure, and usable.

Your benefits from installation testing:
  • Your application will work perfectly well after the installation process
  • It will support multiple types of environment configuration and won't cause serious errors and damage the software installed on your machine or the hard drive
  • You will get conformation of hardware and software requirements
  • End-users will be able to successfully install new product versions in the future
  • You may be sure your software updates and patches can be installed correctly
  • Your application will be easy to use for users
In distributed systems, particularly where software is to be released into an already live target environment (such as an operational website) installation (or software deployment as it is sometimes called) can involve database schema changes as well as the installation of new software. Deployment plans in such circumstances may include back-out procedures whose use is intended to roll the target environment back if the deployment is unsuccessful. Ideally, the deployment plan itself should be tested in an environment that is a replica of the live environment. A factor that can increase the organizational requirements of such an exercise is the need to synchronize the data in the test deployment environment with that in the live environment with minimum disruption to live operation. This type of implementation may include testing of the processes which take place during the installation or upgrade of a multi-tier application. This type of testing is commonly compared to a dress rehearsal or may even be called a "dry run".


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