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IT consulting

IT consulting, software projects evaluationNadosoft offers business analysis and application development consulting services. IT consulting services include: business analysis services; planning and design of custom software; quality improvement and control; application performance assessing and development; technical recommendations; software project specifications creation; requirements management. We can evaluate your process, identify its bottlenecks and mutually develop an efficient solution to enhance your development team performance and product quality control.

Business analysis services are important for IT decisions support deployment. Nadosoft offer includes software development project planning and design, functional and technical specifications development, recommendations on business and technological compatibility, customization and implementation.
  • We offer the most technologically advanced and competitive expertise on new technology practices and methodologies that your business can benefit from, including processes, testing tools, management strategies and design
  • We are able to assist you to establish and maintain a highly effective cooperation with your development team
  • You will have access to the services of experienced marketing analysts, testing experts and online business analysts
The deliverables of consulting services are written reports, presentations, and specifications with analysis, recommendations, plans, and designs.


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