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Software for business Today is the time of global competition and software development life cycle acceleration, when the need to get new products to market faster is more compelling than ever. What was once considered innovative and ground-breaking is now out-of-date and ineffective. Nadosoft software development process is logically planned and well-organized, and our expert teams combine research and development activities with cutting edge technologies to create brand new products and product categories. We know how to make your ideas successful and market-winning with less time, less risk and less cost.

We offer a complex full cycle business application development services from business analysis to implementation, documentation creation, integration and support. Nadosoft specializes is customer-specific solutions and development including business optimization software, help desk and project management tools, database development, e-learning solutions, business communications.

Nadosoft company also offers open source software integration services which will help you take a full advantage of collaborative software development which makes open-source software more flexible, stable and cost-effective than commercial products. Using open source software integration services can help small to medium-sized companies get the maximum return on software investment allowing them to decrease costs, speed up development process, improve performance and quality.
microsoft .net framework, Java, C/C++, MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle
Do you need a flexible, customizable software product to meet your requirements? Do you want to use the latest IT solutions without spending a fortune? Would you like to get a better quality software at a lower cost? A "yes" to these questions means that you have come to the right place.

Nadosoft offshore software development service covers standalone and web application development and testing, as well as legacy application transformation. Our company has extensive experience in outsourcing software development of custom solutions, such as business management applications, e-commerce solutions, billing systems, custom relationship management, content management, corporate web sites, e-office solutions.

Open source software for businessHow to start working with us? Just send us your specification and we will evaluate the volume and difficulty of the work and tell you the cost and time. Then we start working together to build the best software product. Our services include instructions and documentation development and providing you with the follow-up technical support.


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