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Software development services at Nadosoft are aimed at providing complete support to software solutions throughout their life cycle. Today, we offer you our extensive expertise and value-added resources in the fields of design, development, maintenance and testing of your products.

We achieve this by using a software development life cycle model that requires a systematic and consistent approach to the whole cycle of software R&D project - from design and development through testing and maintenance to re-engineering and customization. Furthermore, Nadosoft project life cycle management process is aligned with customer product development business processes and in strict compliance with international quality standards.

Software development process

Software development cycle at Nadosoft is normally comprised of the following phases:
  • Customer requirement management
    • Requirements validation and analysis
    • Requirements estimation and specification
    • Requirement change management

      As the initial stage of the long process, the customer requirement analysis aims at defining the required functionality, environment and interface of the future product as well as creating its detailed functional specifications. Our experts quickly grasp and analyze the vision of what you are looking for. Furthermore, we are willing to go "above and beyond" to meet your most challenging needs.
  • Project planning
    • Release content definition
    • Release cost definition
    • Release development and test plan definition

      Software development can at times be inherently complex and risky and always requires careful planning. Proper planning guarantees that the project will not deviate from target and increases its visibility to the customer and management. Planning is used to re-assess all risks, establish priorities, select the best technical solutions, finalize schedules, resources and budgets, and draw deadlines.
  • Project execution
    • Project priority
    • Project change management

      Our customers have an always-ready access to the project, which enables them to be always aware of its status and closely monitor its execution. To guarantee timely execution of agreed milestones, our team of software engineers is fully dedicated to the time frames and deadlines set by the customer.
  • Delivery

    When it comes to delivery, we follow a predefined delivery management plan and provide the customer with all the technical documentation together with tools, guidelines and past learnings. Furthermore, weekly reports and conference calls with the customer accompany the product delivery and guarantee mission-critical quality of service. All these procedures serve a very important purpose - minimizing the inherent migration risks.


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