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Software development services, success story Small and medium size businesses
A lot of our clients are small and medium size businesses. These organizations face unique challenges of ever changing dynamic market place. Nadosoft makes special efforts to service small and medium size clients. We offer these companies personal attention and flexible services that are demanded by the unique nature of their business. We make our living in these market segments every business day of our lives. Nadosoft company deeply understands the unique requirements of each of these diverse customer groups – we speak their special language, we share their daily challenges, we work with them side-by-side to win and deliver many customer successes. We are proud to be their trusted business partners.

Commercial Software Development Companies
We provide software development services as well as software testing services for commercial software companies. Nadosoft offers unique know-how in developing packaged commercial software products for both enterprise and consumer markets. We deeply understand and practice the core principals of commercial software development life-cycle. Flexible yet controlled development process, nightly product builds, integrated test automation, installation and packaging, special attention to product quality - are some of the key elements of this offering.
Nadosoft offers software development service for small and medium size companies

Application Service Providers
Over the years Nadosoft developed highly successful solution offering that is targeted specifically to Application Service Providers. We fully understand the unique requirements of these organizations with their focus on packaged services, outstanding quality, reliability and service-level agreements.

Nadosoft company successfully applies its commercial software development skills to help our client to build and maintain market-leading service offerings with a clear competitive edge. We can develop these product offerings from the ground-up using original client specifications, by packaging and modifying existing third party software, or by building integration and bridges to the market-leading OEM commercial products. We can also help our clients to build and maintain state-of-the-art corporate portals to deliver these services to the international markets, as well as to implement fully integrated back-office automation systems with accurate and timely customer billing and internal accounting systems support. Our application srvice providers successes cover a diverse group of industry offerings, including:
  • On-site/Off-site Storage Management
  • Secure Content Delivery Management
  • On-line Product Branding and Learning Services
To fully service the global nature of today’s business Nadosoft offers full range of software Internationalization and Localization services. These services include adopting your software solutions and customer/partner portals for delivery to the international markets. We provide language translation for your program resources and documentation. To insure the highest quality of translation - all work is performed by native speaking translator in their native speaking countries.


Good results!"Nadosoft software solutions makes paperwork so much easier to track and compile even for my world wide sales! It's so comprehensive I no longer need a bookkeeper. It saves me a lot of time for a very reasonable cost. Your accounting software is a great asset to my rapidly growing business."
Jeniffer Catherine, AC Software Ltd., United Kingdom

Customer satisfaction"Your content management software is great. You type in the figures in the appropriate place and CMS does everything else. It's incredibly easy to use and I am recommending it to as many people as I can. Our site are now up to date after very little effort and I feel I now have total understanding of my businesses process. Thank you. "
Cris McGill, Stateband Media Ltd., USA


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